DNLK Photography


Art is a constant pursuit of expression. This is my expression and my photos are my art. While I am generally hireable for any project, my pet projects include astrophotography, landscapes, and urban exploration.

I split my time between Colorado and Manhattan, where my projects can vary greatly in diversity. Lately my key focus has been on unconventional landscapes. I've began using my D750 and Sigma 150-600mm Classic lens as a unique self challenge. By changing the focal length and staging of seemingly mundane areas, I've discovered a unique way to tell beautiful stories in Colorado. Whether it's farms along a mountain basin or roads that seem to wind forever, there's something to be shared and told.

I don't just shoot for people to see, my goal is to make people feel what I see. The world is an amazing place. Thank you for sharing your journeys with me and letting me share mine with you.